Star of David: Facts About the Magen David

In modern times, the Star of David, also known as Magen David, is a quintessential symbol of Jewish identity. We see it everywhere. Proudly displayed on Israel’s white and blue flag, the emblem of Israeli Defense Forces and even Israel’s version of the Red Cross. But this was not always the case. This week we’re highlighting four facts about the Star of David you may not know.

The earliest use of the Star of David as a symbol of Jewish identity was in 1354 when King Charles IV of Bohemia allowed the Jews of Prague to have their own flag with with David’s shield and Solomon’s seal displayed on it. The red flag depicting the Star of David within a circle was abandoned after the French Revolution.

In the late 17th century European Jews began displaying the Star of David on synagogues, identifying them as official places of worship. It was not until much later that the Magen David was incorporated into jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and rings.


In modern times, The Star Of David is the most iconic symbol tied to Jewish identity culturally and religiously, however, throughout history, the six-point star has been used in other cultures, like in Hinduism, where the hexagram is known to represent the merging of female and male energies, while in some Mormon churches the Star of David symbolizes the union of heaven and earth. The fluidity of the triangles are seen as a spiritual intertwining of man and God.

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