An Eye for the Evil Eye

Here’s a riddle: what hangs around a celebrity’s neck, on a rearview mirror, and above the front door?

Answer: an Eye amulet.

Eye amulet2

As jewelry designers, we are often asked: what’s really behind the meaning of the “evil eye”?  The answer, of course, depends on who you ask.

A talisman for thousands of years, the blue eye has taken on many meanings.  Familiar to Greeks, Turks, Italians and many others who live around the Mediterranean, the symbol is generally accepted as a way to ward off unwelcome attention — otherwise known as the “evil eye.”

The notion of the evil eye stems from antiquity and remains one of the most believed superstitions. In Judaism, the meaning is reversed. In fact, the eye is actually viewed as a protective symbol and a metaphor for God’s omnipresence.

Rather than an actual repellent for evil spirits, the Jewish eye is anointed with deep spiritual and philosophical meaning. As Jewelry, it is worn for protection, positive energy, happiness, and a gentle reminder of an invisible yet ever present God. For some, the Jewish jewelry eye symbol has even triggered authentic self-reflection.

So remember — there’s always an eye for the evil eye.

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